5 weeks to go!

Hopefully your training is progressing well as we have just over 5 weeks to go before the 2019 Burson Rock2Ramp. We are planning on having a group ocean swim in the next couple of weeks so watch out for that information.

Please find below your training session for Week 5 and with the weather looking the goods the next few days it should be perfect training conditions!

Session 1

6 x 50m freestyle with flippers

4 x 50m build speed/effort though the lap

400m freestyle

100m form stroke

100m kick

Session 2

6 x 50m freestyle

2 x 100m pull

2 x 100 flippers

4 x 50m as 25m hard/25m easy

100m form stroke

Rock2Ramp Tip...

As you start to plan for the swim remember a wet suit is recommended but definitely not compulsory. some swimmers like the extra buoyancy but that can also restrict your movement and make you feel claustrophobic. Try one before you buy if possible and make sure it is tight fitting as loose ones fill with water. Surfing wetsuits are not the same as swimming wetsuits and are extremely restrictive. They may keep you warmer but they re much harder to swim in.

Happy Swimming!