Under a month!

Summer has arrived and that means we are getting close to the 2019 Rock2Ramp swim!

If you haven’t registered jump on and register by going to rock2ramp.com and that will be one less thing to do as we all know how busy December gets!

You are hopefully getting stronger now and feeling fitter in the pool and out!

We have a host of other summer activities that you might like to get involved in while you are around Anglesea and more details of those will be communicated in the next couple of weeks.

Here are this week’s sessions!! Happy training.

Session 1

2 x 150m freestyle

2 x 50m form stroke

500m freestyle

100m kick

4 x 50m pull

Session 2

6 x 50m freestyle counting strokes. Try to get as low as you can.

2 x 50m kick

4 x 150m as 100 freestyle and 50m form stroke

2 x 50m kick

2 x 100m pull with snorkel if you have one. Concentrate on keeping a long stroke even if you are tired.

Our celebration event is planned for the afternoon of the rock2ramp swim at the Rusty Anchor – so we would love to see you all come along!

Have a great week's training!