Week 2 This Girl Can R2R swim!

Hopefully you have hit the pool and got a couple of sessions in. Swimming twice a week is a great goal and they don't have to be super long sessions. Put aside 30 minutes, try and schedule it into your week so you feel compelled to stick to your plans.

Maybe organise a friend to go with you to the pool or join a squad. Even a few stroke technique classes would be hugely beneficial - all pools have coaches who can do this one on one.

Check out Week 2 program below;

Session 1

6 x 50m freestyle - with flippers

4 x 25m - form stroke

2 x 100m freestyle

4 x 25m kick

2 x 50m pull

Session 2

4 x 50m freestyle - with flippers

3 x 100m freestyle

4 x 25m harder effort

100m pull

Good luck with your training and thanks to all the swimmers who have reached out with their plans to get back into swimming and exercising.