Race Rules

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  1. Minimum age for the 600m,1.2 and 2.5km swims is 12 years on the day of the race.

  2. No fins, paddles, snorkels or floatation devices permitted.

  3. No individual escort or support items.

  4. Course marshals shall have the authority to disqualify any competitors.

  5. Medical staff shall have the ultimate and final authority to remove a competitor from the race if the competitor is judged to be incapable of continuing the race without risk of serious injury.

  6. Good sportsman-like conduct will be demanded of all competitors. Any unsportsmanlike conduct will be grounds for instant disqualification.

  7. Swimmers will be required to wear the official race number and race cap provided upon registration.

  8. Wetsuits are allowed.

  9. Time limit for race is 33 minutes for the 600m swim, 45 minutes for the 1.2km swim & 90 minutes for the 2.5km swim.

  10. Competitors who want to compete in the open event (who are not in the open age group) may do so with the permission of the Race Director. Permission should be sought well in advance of the day of the race.

  11. Swimmers will be required to have an official swim cap, a transponder on their ankle and an official identification on their wrist, which must remain on the individual through the event.

  12. The Race Director reserves the right to accept, reject and cancel entries.

  13. Swimmers must swim the course as marked. Any variation to the course will be announced at the start.

  14. A competitor is judged to have finished when the competitor’s torso crosses the finish line. 

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